My name is Marley. I am 14, and I love everything. My fandoms are subject but not limited to: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Avengers, Tom Hiddleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Robert Downey Jr, and Mr. Moseby. My ships: Hawkwidow, Johnlock
My roleplay character, as well named Marley, is a Timelord. Something happened, she doesn't know what, that caused her to forget what happened to Gallifrey, and the entire Time War all together. She usually wears a green shirt whose sleeves stop at her elbows, a black vest over that, a pair of jeans, and black boots. She has blond hair (usually in a ponytail) and blue eyes. She has only regenerated twice, and currently travels alone in her TARDIS. If you ever want to roleplay, I track the tag marleythetimelord




When you have your period do you ever just take a shower and stand there in the water and watch all the blood go down the drain and pretend that you just survived a gang battle an it’s like a really dramatic time for you

girls are metal as fuck, yo



If you’ve never read Shakespeare’s plays, you’re missing out on some quality zingers.




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favorite rory moments 1/?rory helps canton get acquainted with the TARDIS.



I love how he goes from Castiel to straight up Misha in like .03 seconds.

jensen tries so hard to stay in character but when misha loses it you can see the start of his little smile

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